Equine Veterinary Services perform a wide range of reproductive procedures including stallion collection, semen shipping, artificial insemination with chilled and frozen semen, problem mare assessments as well as routine on site stud work.

If you are interested in breeding your mare or collecting your own stallion please contact the surgery in advance to make a plan. We are agents for the Billy Stud in the United Kingdom, supplying frozen semen from their top international showjumpers.

  • Artificial insemination – chilled semen
  • Artificial insemination – frozen semen
  • Stallion collection
  • Storage of frozen semen
  • Stud medicine
  • Follicle tests
  • Mare swabs
  • Caslicks operations
  • Uterine flushing
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Twin management
  • Neonatal foals

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