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Tayla convinced her family that she needed horses in her life back when she was 7 after her parents had purchased a house in the middle of multiple horse properties. Her first horse was a 16hh palomino gelding called Creamcan. He was a big careful old soul that taught Tayla the ropes until she discovered her need for speed, at this time a family friend offered her a younger horse that had a bit more up and go in him. Tayla has had her strawberry roan Appaloosa Strop for over 12 years now and they have done everything from showjumping, camp drafting, eventing, and mounted games. Strop and Tayla have represented their pony club, zone and state in many competitions and even after strop was in an accident, they still went on to compete and place in the top ten. As Strop got older Tayla ventured more into the training and breaking in of horses and for a while rode everyone else’s horse but her own. After finishing high school Tayla took a gap year and went to work at an equine breeding facility to build her knowledge in all thing’s horses and towards the end of the year applied for a course at Marcus Oldham collage. Once she was accepted in the diploma of equine management, she decided she needed to find herself a young horse to take with her. Her old jumping couch from pony club offered her 17hh OTT horse who she called Cruiser and the two have been working hard to get him at a highly competitive level.

In 2022 the two packed everything up and moved two states away to begin the highly intensive yearlong course where they had coaching sessions with many high- level instructors and more. Tayla’s year in Victoria helped point her in the direction of where she wanted to go in life and while she made some amazing friends, once she graduated with her diploma, she packed everything back up to come back to QLD to start her next chapter at Equine Veterinary Services.

In Tayla’s spare time she enjoys her coaching sessions with Cruiser, doing liberty with Strop and working young horses. Along with spending time with her friends any chance she gets.

Tayla 1
Tayla 2

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